September 2017

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Oct 6th: Sukkah on the roof!

Kol haKfar, is excited to host a Sukkah gathering on the roof Friday Oct 6th. Whether or not you’re attending this gathering, we please ask that you take this opportunity to donate $18 to the minyan to help pay for meals and digital communications. We appreciate your support! Donate: Venmo: we pay no fees. We’re … more

We gather Friday 9/15 in Chelsea

Kol haKfar, the egalitarian Friday night minyan, gathers this Friday evening at Leora’s West Chelsea apartment to celebrate Shabbat, enjoy a community meal, and to share a word of Torah. But first, I want to say MAZEL TOV to our founding board member Carrie Kingsley for her and Marc Miller’s new addition, Baby Vivian Jane. … more