Kol haKfar, the Voice of the Village, is a traditional, egalitarian minyan and Jewish community in downtown New York. We gather on Friday nights for Shabbat prayers and community meals in members’ downtown Manhattan homes. We are a welcoming and diverse community who enjoy praying in an egalitarian setting with Hebrew prayers, a Torah discussion and a social potluck meal with plenty of l’chaims. Think of it as downtown shul or synagogue, but in a member’s apartment.

Members generally range from their mid 20s to mid 40s and all are welcome. Like Abraham and Sarah’s tent, we invite people of all backgrounds, levels of Hebrew, gender, race, sexual preference, religion and more.

Our meals adhere to our host’s level of kashrut, with most meals being vegetarian/dairy. When we do have meat meals it’s always kosher. Men and women pray together and women often lead services.

We always are looking for more downtown hosts and for prayer leaders. Please contact us to share.

Contact us to learn more: info@kolhakfar.org