Shabbat in Hudson Yards 12/6 7pm

Please join us Friday evening for more turkey! I kid. Please join us for spirited, traditional-egalitarian Shabbat prayers and a community meal at Sabrina Kippur’s beautiful home overlooking Hudson Yards. Sabrina will host a pescatarian/dairy main course completely lacking in turkey. We’re capping attendance at 18 folks. Please RSVP now on the sheet to indicate … more

Nov 14 and Nov 15 Events

Learn to bake challah with our twisty bread guru Ivy Branin at Sara Kay’s home in the East Village this Thursday at 6:30pm. In the class, she will provide all the supplies you need to make delicious challah, learn her tips and tricks, and recipes for a few variations.  Everyone will be taking dough to bake at home. Space … more

November 1st in Crown Heights

November 1st in Crown Heights

Please join us this Friday evening for spirited, traditional-egalitarian Shabbat davening and a community kosher meat meal at Ivy Branin’s home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, just footsteps away from Chabad HQ. Please RSVP on the sheet and note what you’re bringing so we have a well-rounded meal: http://bit.ly/16E6VnC. We’re capping attendance at 20. We’re still … more