Erev Rosh HaShana!

I’m excited to share that Kol hakfar, the Voice of the Village minyan, is hosting davening and a DIY picnic dinner this Friday for Erev Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat. Big thanks to Noah Mamis for leading us, we are truly blessed by his initiative and ruach. Don’t bring a shofar, please bring a blanket, mask and food.

We gather by E. 25th St and Madison, southwest of the entrance. Mask up. We will be smart, safe, distanced — and also emotionally connected, energized and spirited. We got this!

Please RSVP at the RSVP List. If the link doesn’t work:

For Saturday and Sunday, please be in touch here or on our Facebook page. I know a Chabad group in Central Park meeting for free. There are Brooklyn options I’m still exploring. Worst case scenario, according to our Brooklyn Borough Nasi (president) Jason Meyer, Jews eat socially-distanced picnics on Mount Prospect, by the library.

For the KhK Schedule, please follow us is via our Google Calendar and email. We’re also on Facebook.

Sept 18th – Gathering info in this very email. How meta!     

Oct 2nd – Erev Sukkot – Ideally joining another kehilah outdoors. TBD. 
Oct 16th – TBD, maybe on Zoom

November 6th – TBD
November 20th – TBD

Shana tova!

— Zachary