Friday 1/5 in the West Village 7pm

Shabbat Dinner and Davening: Friday 1/5

Happy new year friends! Please join us this Friday evening for a warm Shabbat gathering in the West Village. Newlyweds Leora & Daniel Webber host the Kol haKfar community for spirited Friday night Shabbat prayers and a kosher meat dinner, along with a word of Torah. 

Please let us know on the RSVP spreadsheet what you’re bringing. The hosts are providing all food for the main meal. So we don’t need side dishes this week, but please bring items to eat with and on, drinks and pareve/non-dairy dessert:

When: Friday January 5th at 7pm
Where: Leora & Daniel Webber’s home

Shanah Chadasha,

PS If you can’t access Google Docs, please email