Gathering 10/20

Kol haKfar, the egal Friday night minyan, gathers this Friday at Warren Hoffman’s beautiful Brooklyn home to celebrate Shabbat, enjoy a kosher meat meal, and share a word of Torah.

Please let us know on the spreadsheet ( what you’re bringing so we have a fantastic meal. If you see a blank space, like for a pareve side dish, please bring it. And please bring friends too!

Warren Hoffman, 7pm

Annual Meeting: We’re having our annual community meeting before davening on Friday 12/1 at Zachary’s place 41 Grove St 4B 6:30pm. Please show up on time to help steer the minyan into the future. We’re saying goodbye to Carrie’s leadership and voting on new roles for Leora, Zachary, and Noah. We need your input to make this a better minyan!

11/3 Host Needed: We have no hosts for Friday 11/3. All board members will be out of the country — mazel tov to Leora & Dan who are getting married that weekend in Eretz Yisrael. If you would like to host, please email us at

Shavuah Tov,

PS If you can’t access Google Docs, please email