Gathers Friday 12/1

Kol haKfar, the egalitarian Friday night minyan, gathers this Friday evening at Zachary’s cozy charmer to celebrate Shabbat, enjoy a catered meat community meal, and to share a word of Torah. Also, we’re having our annual meeting, agenda TBD.

Please arrive at 6:30pm so we can have a meaningful and speedy meeting before davening and dinner. We need your input and rely on your guidance. Please come on time.

The minyan is catering the kosher meat main course and all side dishes. Please RSVP on the spreadsheet, and please bring a drink to share, pareve dessert or kiddush item. Click here: 

Zachary Thacher, 6:30pm
41 Grove St 4B, NY NY 10014
(just west of Bleecker at 7th Ave South)

Shavuah Tov,

PS If you can’t access Google Docs, please email