July 26th Garden Shabbat Gathering in Sunset Park

Please join us Friday July 26th for spirited, traditional-egalitarian Shabbat davening and a community meal in Julia Knobloch’s beautiful garden in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

We are shifting from using disposable one-use plastic utensils etc at our gatherings. Please help us be more eco-friendly, even by reducing the amount of plastic bags. If we all reduce just a little, it’ll have a big impact on the amount of plastic waste we generate at our gatherings.

For those who sign up to bring utensils, plates and cups, please bring compostable or at least paper items. We will work with hosts to use as much washable utensils as possible. Time for Tikkun Olam.

Julia will host a dairy/fish main course. We’re capping attendance at 20 folks. Please RSVP now on the sheet and say what you’ll bring so we have a tasty meal: http://bit.ly/16E6VnC.

Julia asks for one or two volunteers to help set up at 6pm. If you’re free, please email info@kolhakfar.org.