March 18th Schul Shabbat

Due to a shortage of a hosts, and a willingness to experiment, we’re trying something new this Shabbat. We’ll meet in a beautiful little schul — the Conservative Synagogue of 5th Avenue. It’s an experiment, we’ll go back to regular apartment programming soon.

We’ll gather at 7pm like normal. Noah Mamis and Rebecca Milzoff will lead us in prayer. As a bonus, the CS5A community is hosting an epic oneg with lots of whisky to welcome us. It won’t be a full meal, but it’ll be tasty and you won’t need to bring anything.

This is new for us, we welcome your feedback before or after. Please share your thoughts at or speak to Zachary, Carrie or Leora anytime.

Friday, March 18th, 7pm
Conservative Synagogue of 5th Avenue
11 East 11t Street
Steps from 5th Avenue, north east corner

Shavua tov,