Oct 6th: Sukkah on the roof!

Kol haKfar, is excited to host a Sukkah gathering on the roof Friday Oct 6th. Whether or not you’re attending this gathering, we please ask that you take this opportunity to donate $18 to the minyan to help pay for meals and digital communications. We appreciate your support!

Venmo: we pay no fees. We’re “Kol-hakfar”
Chase QuickPay: info@kolhakfar.org; no fees
PayPal: http://kolhakfar.org/ and click “Donate Now” on the left [we incur a fee]
Mail: check to Kol haKfar, 41 Grove St #4B NY NY 10014

Friday Sukkah:
We gather Friday 10/6 for a special Shabbat dinner in our Sukkah, at Noah & Jason’s beautiful rooftop. We’ll daven, say bruchot, enjoy a dairy/fish meal, and share a word of Torah.

Please let us know on the spreadsheet (http://bit.ly/16E6VnC) what you’re bringing so we have a fantastic outdoor meal. Please bring friends too!

Noah Mamis & Jason Ziplow, 7pm
137 E 28th St, Apt. 8B (just east of Lexington)

Please note we’ll all be on the roof, so please come on time to help facilitate getting up there. Also, please note that our host has cats, who will be lovingly tucked away in the bedroom.

Shana Tova,

PS If you can’t access Google Docs, please email info@kolhakfar.org