Pre Purim Shabbat 3/6/2020

Friends, we’re celebrating a Pre-Purim Shabbat. Ivy Branin is hosting the entire kosher meat meal courtesy of her generous efforts and minyan funds. We ask people to please bring a beverage or kosher/vegan/pareve dessert, and a mischoal manot for a grab bag.

TL;DR – bring drinks or dessert, and bring a mishloach manot gift of ~$10 to share.

Mishloach manot rules: 2 or more food or drink items ready to share. I love giving friends something sweet and a little bottle of booze. Please have it wrapped up, we’ll put them all on a table and people take one. Mishloach manot don’t count until Purim, so regift the day of or enjoy it then.

Also, people, if you bring wine, please make it palatable. No super cheap stuff please.
Email to RSVP: