Spread the Love

Friends, for now we’re clearing the schedule of any calendared events obviously, and we’re discussing hosting online get-togethers or learning sessions. Paul Fischer has suggested a few great ideas that we’re developing. If you have suggestions, please email info@kolhakfar.org. I personally am not thrilled with large-scale Zoom events or online Shabbat anything, but I have attended Hadar’s Virtual Beit Midrash learning program for Pesah. I think it’s excellent in small doses.

Here are a few resources I’ve explored, with Hadar being a personal favorite. If you have more, please post them to our Facebook page. We can send another email with more organized resources.  

Please stay tuned, please send us ideas, please hold on and stay strong. We’ve been through way worse as a community. We will get through this. 

– Zachary Thacher from Kol haKfar